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Summer is here!!

We have temperatures of over 30 degrees in July & August…who asked the silly question “Does Austria have snow all year”?? So make the best of the summer… sit at the lake side or even better go for a swim to cool off.

Obviously, the paragliders are out in force taking advantage of the hot weather and the lift created by the warm air rising.

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What is happening in Austria this month?

Image -kirchenwirt Strobl – Wolfgangsee tourism

At Strobl: Wine and music on the lake, every Thursday in July and August – live music at the Wein am See bar by the lakeside promenade in Strobl. In good weather only!

For all the summer events and what is happening at the lakeside.

Check out the lake villages events

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Tracht is a traditional garment (Dirndl & Lederhosen) or a dress code typically associated with Austria and Bavaria. It is the Sunday-best that you would have in your wardrobe. It is mostly worn on special occasions such as important festivals, Easter, Christmas, weddings, etc. They are often richly decorated, and the quality of the work represents a sign of the riches and social status of the person wearing it. In the broadest meaning, it is just synonym for everything you wear, including clothing, jewellery, hairstyle, make-up, accessories and insignia.

Various Options for Getting to Austria

The Salzkammergut is a fantastic region for all Meetings, incentives or group experiences.

Perhaps, whether winter or summer, you are looking for an exceptional experience for your team, group or incentive event?

So many of the temptations for incentives and team building are all in Austria

What better way to incentivise your staff to become the best team they can be!

Whether White water rafting, Para gliding, Mountain biking or climbing, Ski-ing or a Toboggan race for your group….our activities in Austria give you more choices.

We have teamed with some of the most experienced suppliers of group activities in Austria.

Hot air balloons Austria
Balloon flights – photo – pixabay

Everything from Balloon flights to speedy Zip wire flights.

Create excitement for your group, team or club.

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