Property Renovation

Property renovation in Austria.

Any property renovation can be daunting, and particularly so in another country…but this is where the potential is, for creating equity in a property.   By buying a house for renovation, you can add to the value easily over a few years.

Many people like to do some DIY, and this can save on builder and other trades costs…but there are things to consider before you start.

Property renovation

Old house at Mortschach

Q: So what should I look for when considering a property for renovation.

A.: Logic dictates that people are at first interested in a bargain price!  But one has to consider many other factors?

Can the renovation be a DIY project, in other words, is there basic upgrading with not too m8uch building work.

Many DIY buyers do mof course have experience of renovating property in the UK.  But this is not the same for Austria. There are many challanges, the easiest of which is simply finding out where to buy materials?

Over the years Austrians have taken more to DIY…I can remember my own first experience trying to find paint in colours…at that time, all paint was mixed to the colour you wanted…there was not off the shelf tins of Powder blue, yellow, green etc.  You bought white paint and a small jar of a colour, which you then mixed together…it was very hit and miss!!

Things got better when the stores started to do the mixing for you with machines.  This was certainly more accurate.

Then you had the problem for plaster!!  There wa no simple npink plaster that bwe used in UK, it was more or less a white cement!!  It was almost impossible to get a smooth surface..this was when I found out why all walls in old Austrian house were rough finish!!

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