Rent a property long-term in Austria to enjoy all four seasons!

Warm in the Spring, Hot in the Summer, Golden in the Autumn and White in the Winter! That is Austria and it’s four seasons, each one special in it’s own way. The best way to enjoy Austria at it’s best is to experience more than one season…and if possible stay for all four seasons with longer rentals!

If you are coming to work, taking a gap year or are considering to purchase a property in Austria and would like to try living in the country… then renting for a few months to a year is a good way to get the feel of an area. We have apartments and houses available for rent in many areas of Austria. These tend to be holiday properties, because it is these that are more readily available as opposed to the rental housing market where the rental contract terms are 3 years and over. But if you want a property for 3 years or more we have these also.

We have put a selection of these Austrian properties in our long term renting section, but not all of the available rental properties are on this page. This is because properties can rent quite quickly, so it is best to check with us what properties we have available at any particular time.


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Longer Holiday Rentals – Austria

Information on costs, commissions and legal requirements.

Coming to work or live in Austria… need a property for a few months while you find long term rental… or maybe you would like to just take a sabbatical or time out for a few months. We have owners with properties near to Salzburg, Bad Ischl, Vienna or Nassfeld in Carinthia, Southern Austria?

Many of our owners apartments and houses are available for longer holiday lets. These can be from one month to six months.

There is also the possibility to rent from 1-3 years, but this comes under a different system than holiday renting. Holiday renting does not give any long term guarantee of tenancy, it is simply a long term fixed contract as in booking a holiday, but the costs are cheaper, the longer term you take.

Most apartments are in the Salzkammergut area, and within easy reach of Salzburg. We will though be adding other areas to these pages as we get owners willimg to rent their properties for longer holiday rentals. These will include Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna.

Costs involved to rent.

It is standard that you pay a deposit guarantee for a 1- 3 year rental.  This is normally 3 months rental, depending on length of letting.

If it is a long holiday rental the deposit can be only one month rental to have as security. Some long holiday rentals need to be paid in full up front, if only a few months rental period. So they are treated exactly like a holiday booking. It depends on the landlord. The deposit is an amount that is paid by the tenant to cover any arrears and to cover losses in the case of damages in the existing building. The deposit can be in several forms and is passed to the landlord.

For long rentals of one year plus. It is possible to pay the landlord a sum of money to set up a savings account to provide a bank guarantee. The deposit will earn interest. Interest rates are extremely low at present. You also set up a savings account. In this case, you can gain from increases in interest rates.

Austria also has a standard long term rental of 3 years plus. These tend to be cheaper and this is the length of time that a landlord would be required to give to the tenant and to honour it as long as the tenant was paying the rent. The tenant must rent for a minimum of 12 months plus on top they must give 3 months notice to the Landlord when leaving. So, in effect a tenant must pay for 15 months of rental under a 3 year plus agreement.

Tip: If you are taking a 3 year+ term lease and then set up a savings account, but remember that in the event of rent arrears or damage to the property the landlord would be entitled to access this account. But this does allow you to obtain a higher interest income on the deposit. In the case of payment of the deposit in cash, there is no interest payable.

Contract commissions to agents, start on the basis of 1 month rent, as commission. It is down to the agent and many will charge less for finding you the right property and setting up the longer  holiday rentals. The standard fee is now generally one month rental.

The Weather

A question that everyone asks about, when considering to live or stay for a longer period in Austria… and no it is not snow all year!!

Austria is very lucky, in that it has 4 distinct seasons. Warm in Spring, Hot in Summer, The Autumns are crisp and golden and of course there is snow in Winter….but the country does not come to a halt!

If you want to keep in touch with weather in Austria then click here for our link to Austria weather website

Jobs in Austria

If you are looking for a job in Austria, you will find the link below useful. It is information on how to apply for work in the German language. It also has much information on the language, such as jokes and news.

Austria has a very large tourism industry and obviously this is where one can take advantage of speaking English. It is always worthwhile to contact the major stores such as IKEA, because they will have equal opportunities and much better facilities to help with language learning.  For jobs in the Salzkammergut area of Austria try this working in Austria site:

Holiday apartment owners

Do not leave your property empty for long periods. We have many clients interested to rent an apartment or house for various periods, from one month to six months. The benefit for owners is that they still have most of the year to enjoy their holiday property. If you are considering to let your holiday property for longer periods, please contact us for details on how we can help you with letting your property.

To Rent
€ From 1230 euro per month
To Rent
€ From 1195 euro per month
To Rent
€ From 1500 per month
To Rent
€ from 1050 per month

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