Holiday Chalet Development at Mallnitz, Carinthia.

Holiday Chalet Development at Mallnitz, near ski.

These holiday properties at Mallnitz offer a guaranteed income and can be also be purchased by non-EU citizens.

50% now sold to date.

This exclusive retreat is in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park at Mallnitz and ideal for a holiday property investment in Austria and besides giving an income, you also use it yourself for 3 weeks each year..

A chalet village, with a total of 18 wooden chalets, undeer construction.  first phase chalets have been sold.   Second phase available shortly to reserve, please come back.

They will be professionally rented and managed by an official operating company.Mallnitz chalet deveilopment

The operating company ensures that your chalet remains in optimal state of preservation at all times, so that the profitability of your investment is secured. Guaranteed Income is up to 14,730 Euro pa. depending on the size of the chalet.

Mortgages available from the developer for purchase .

The developer of this project is able to offer local bank finance for buyers subject to status… Normal mortgage application applies.

The chalets are offered in two sizes (about 85m² and about 64m²), exclusively furnished (furniture & Fittings are additional to prices) and built of high quality materials.

A parking space is provided for each owner.

The alpine chalets can serve as an investment but can also be used personally by the buyer. So, the best of both worlds and income and a holiday home.

There are a wide range of services at your disposal, for management and rentals.

10% on signing the purchase contract or start of construction.

Full Payment schedule for chalet build on request.

The Camping and Motor home area.

The Alpine Camping Area “HochOben” is in a unique location in Mallnitz.  Nestled in the natural landscapes of the Hohe Tauern National Park, with magnificent views to the mountains.

The Hoch Oben facility offers approx. 100 camper van and tent sites, a main building with a reception, a restaurant, mini-shop, café, and two sanitary blocks.  There is also a playground, a sports field, and a toboggan run.  Hiking trails, a cross-country ski trail complete the offer.

This camping & Motorhome facilities should be completed by end September.

Mallnitz chalets

Artist impression – Chalets on hillside overlooking new camper area


How long would we be able to stay in the Chalet during the year?
For owners, there are 3 weeks scheduled, 1 week in high season, 2 weeks in low season.


Is it compulsory to rent the Chalet during the periods when we would not be in residence?
Yes, due to Austrian regulations to obtain planning permissions it is necessary for you give the management company a rental contract…but you can also rent the chalet for extra weeks during the period of the operator company.

It says, that the construction company pays the rent for the chalet and all operating costs, and that as a buyer we would get paid monthly by the operating company, a fixed return.  Could you please provide more details.

The chalet is rented to the operator company, but the chalet owner receives a fixed and guaranteed return. The operating company also covers the entire additional costs such as electricity, insurance, maintenance, etc. The chalet owner has no running costs.
The ROI yield for the small chalet is 11865.00, pa and for the large chalet 14730.00, pa, so if you retained your holiday chalet for example 10 years, you would have an income over the period of approx: 120,000 euros!!

Are there any building guarantees? 
The statutory warranty is 3 years in Austria.


It says that a construction interest (ground rent) is payable annually, how much would this cost us as the buyers?

The annual construction rights rate is approx. 400/600 depending on chalet size, but these costs are also borne by the operating company, not the chalet owner.


Would a buyer own the chalet outright?

Yes, the buyer owns the chalet. It is in the buyer’s name/s, in the Grundbuch(Land registry). The land plot that a chalet property is built on is leased (normally 100 years) with a right to contruct a house. This is also registered in the buyers name.

Are there additional service costs, for example building insurance, electricity, gas, water, refuse disposal etc. 

These costs are also all borne by the operating company. The chalet owner has no running costs.


Is there a cost for parking? 
No, free parking is provided for the chalet owners.

Would we be allowed to have a dog on site? 



Are there any plans to further develop the area? 

No, the project is what has been allowed by the local council and no more.


Are there any restrictions on resale should we wish to sell in the future?
No, they can sell at any time at the calculated market value.

Are the Chalets furnished and do they include fridge, cooker, log burner etc.?
The chalets are fully furnished, incl. Fridge, stove, wood stove, TV etc. The furniture package is additional to selling price.



Chalet   price  Furnish  jacuzz   sauna  total  Income  Yield%
Type 1     255,000  35.000    4,600   incl.     294,600  14730   5.00%
Type 1     255,000  35.000                              290,000  14,500  5.00%
Type 2    205,000  32,300                 8,500   245,800  12,290   5.00%
Type 2    205,000  32,300                               237,300   11,865   5.00%

Buying costs guide:

Legal fees and registrations for purchase – approx 7% + vat

Gov set purchase fees are 3% + vat for Agent or consultants

Type 1 = 7,650 + 20% vat = 9,180

Type 2 = 6,150 + 20% vat = 7,380

Local access:  Directly at the Car parking area, is the entry point for the ski and hiking bus. To ensure mobility within the area, a shuttle service is also available.

The holiday village is to be built with alpine chalets on a small hill above the camping site, to high quality . The photos of the chalets are artist impressions.

Mallnitz offers a good infrastructure. In the immediate vicinity are shops, restaurants, bars, a school and kindergarten.

Construction updates:


Thee gardens and public areas being laid out and landscaped.

Mallnitz chalet project

Gardens being laid out


Chalet shells on 1st phase almost completed. Next will be internal fittings as the weather turns to winter. Chalets should be ready for the start of winter ski season.

Holiday chalet development at Mallnitz


First chalets under construction. First phase due for completion in December in time for Winter rentals.

02.09.19 -Reception, restaurant and services buildings completed.

Chalet Plots marked out and infrastructure/services for each chalet installed

Holiday chalet development

27/05/19- Hillside has been cleared and all plots have been prepared. The footing and brickwork to first level for the r estaurant and other facilities has commenced.

Holiday chalets at mallnitz

Access to Mallnitz

The IC / EC train station Mallnitz-Obervellach, offers good connections for train travellers from Salzburg and also car drivers.  The Tauernbahn motorail connects the Gastein valley in Salzburgland with the Mölltal in Carinthia through the Tauern tunnel, and is a perfect traffic jam-free alternative to the Tauern motorway.

Chalet house

Tauern car train from Gastein

Mallnitz is located at an altitude of about 1200 metres in the Hohe Tauern National Park, so in winter offers a snow-sure ski area with the Ankogel.

Airports:   Salzburg  179km.   Klagenfurt  118km.

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Costs Link:  Property buying costs in Austria are approx 11% of Purchase Price.


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