Advent, St Nicholas & Krampus!

6.dec.  The advent markets are in full swing, and the weather is kind…crisp and clear. Makes it easier for those attending as they can enjoy their gluwein without getting wet through as in previous years.

The Krampus, I hear you ask ‘What are they?’ best that I just put a photo below!

In Central European folklore Krampus is a horned, figure described as “half-goat, half-demon”,who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved. This contrasts with St Nicholas who rewards the well-behaved with gifts.



Vienna Concert house bomb scare

Recently, a suspicious object caused a scare during a concert by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra turned out to be something quite different.

A suitcase ‘vibrating suspiciously’ gave staff a fright at Vienna concert hall, but police said they quickly defused the situation when it was found to be just a sex fact a vibrator.

An employee of the venue’s coat check sounded the alarm when she heard a piece of luggage vibrating at an event late on Tuesday, Vienna police said.

An explosives expert was sent to inspect it using X-ray equipment – only to find that a switched-on vibrator was to blame for the “suspicious movement”.

The suitcase was returned to the owner and his companion and officers “wished them a pleasant evening”, …how embarrassing!!

Blog from Wolfgangsee Austria

Welcome to our first Austria blog. We decided to start our blog with the opening of the Advent markets at Wolfgangsee 2019.  We shall update the blog regularly.

We will be updating regularly with the relevant local chat to keep our interested subscribers updated with all the latest news and info from the wolfgangsee where we are based in Austria.

So,…….. the Christmas markets actually commenced last week on 21st November. There are 3 main markets around the lake, St Wolfgang, St Gilgen and Strobl…all connected by the lake when you get bored with one, you can move onto another.

Unusually for local villages, the market at St Wolfgang is open 7 days a weekend all the way up to Christmas. The other villages around the lake, St Gilgen and Strobl, open from Thursday morning to Sunday evening. This gives all visitors the opportunity to visit different markets.

Click on ST Wolfgang advent pic for the complete Wolfgangsee Advent website.

Blog Austria

Here is the webcam for strobl to give you a feel for the Wolfgangsee lakeside villages. 

or you can view many other Austrian villages here.

Austria’s property market slowing sharply

Austria’s property market slowing sharply

Austria’s property market is now slowing sharply, amidst meagre  economic growth. The residential property price index in Austria increased modestly by 2.4% (0.7% in real terms) during the year to end-Q3 2014, based on Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)’s figures. In a quarterly basis, property prices dropped 1.2%...

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Skier Survived Almost Two Hours Buried Alive

Skier Survived Almost Two Hours Buried Alive

A skier had a miracle escape after being buried under two metres of snow for nearly two hours during an avalanche in Austria, it was revealed last night. Lucky Juergen Hauser, 37, suffered from hypothermia and bruising to his lungs, but was pulled alive...

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Massive Increase In Vienna Property Prices

Massive Increase In Vienna Property Prices

Austria’s national bank says property in Vienna in the first quarter of this year is probably about 22 percent overvalued. And the bank also noted that despite the fact that the property was overvalued, prices had increased in the first quarter by 8.1 percent....

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Big Changes for Holiday Letting

Big Change in rules for holiday letting of apartments! Austria’s system of property purchase can be confusing at the best of times..but with recent court rulings,. it has become even more difficult to buy the property to suit your desire for an overseas home.....

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