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Welcome to our Amazing Austria website.

We are a property consultancy based in Devon, south west England.  Our offices are staffed unlike some companies that only have a registered address in the UK.  We are here for you to speak to or visit us. We have been helping clients to purchase property and land in Austria for over 15 years.

Hopefully our site gives you the information you may need when making the decision about buying  property and land for sale in Austria….

If you have specific questions, please email us.

Property and land for sale in Austria
It costs you no extra to buy property and land with Amazing Austria. We work together with our Austrian estate agent colleagues to offer and also find the property best suited for you. We share with them the government laid down commission structure for property and land sales.

This means it costs no extra and you get unbiased advice from us. 

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News Update Austria


Will Austrian vote result mimic Trump and Brexit?


First Brexit. Then Trump. Now Austria? The populist wave unfurling in many countries could claim a fresh victory on Sunday if Norbert Hofer is elected Europe’s first right wing president since 1945.

Four weeks since Donald Trump’s stunning US election victory and five months after Britons voted to leave the EU, polls put the anti-immigration Hofer neck-and-neck with independent ecologist Alexander Van der Bellen.

Austria’s presidency is largely ceremonial, but a win for Hofer would be a major prize for Europe’s anti-establishment parties ahead of elections next year in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Hofer, echoing Trump, has stoked and profited from a growing sense of unease about globalisation and multiculturalism, even though wealthy Austria is one of the biggest winners of European integration.

Despite migrant numbers falling sharply since 2015, the FPÖ has managed to keep immigration on voters’ minds by playing on fears of terrorist attacks and of a parallel Islamic society that supposedly rejects Austrian “values”.

Islam, he has said, “has no place in Austria” and is a religion “that sees the whole world as a battleground”. And Van der Bellen, his opponent, is a “communist” and a “green dictator”.

Van der Bellen, 72, a somewhat scruffy economics professor, has at times made it easier for Hofer by coming across as too left-wing, wooden and old. His main strategy has been simply that he is not Hofer.

So, Sunday is a very important day for Austria, and could mark the beginning of a totally new political aspect for the Country!

Source: The local

Photo: Paul Gillingwater


Pay with Cash in it outdated?

Austrians have always prefered to pay with cash

In many ways Austria is known for being technologically progressive and efficient – but many foreigners will soon realize that this is a bit of a myth.

Sometimes it seems that no one is more technophobic than the Austrians. The most surprising example is how rarely Austrians use debit or credit cards. With contactless technology now available in almost every shop in Britain or the US, it seems bizarre that many restaurants in Austria are cash only, but they have their reasons.

It can be pretty embarrassing when trying to pay for something and the staff say they don’t accept cards. The result is all too often a humble apology, as you ask the waiter the way to the nearest cash machine – and let’s hope there is one within walking distance! But with the introduction of the new tax regulations that all businesses must have a cash register to record a sale…we feel that the days of cash will come to an end, as there will be no perceived benefit!!.

Are Private loans the answer?

Are private loans the answer to help when buying a property? The latest round of financial regulations have created  difficulties in obtaining a mortgage to buy a property.

So in trying to help with these difficulties, many sellers are considering offering buyers the option of a 50/50 deal to buy their property, enabling them to move on or buy a larger property.

This would certainly help get the ‘second property ‘market moving. Most buyers have 50% of the purchase price when considering a second home.

There are of course the legal aspects to consider for this method of purchase, and just a Bank would require to have mortgages listed as a debt, this would need to apply to the private sector.

We will be speaking with sellers and lawyers over the coming weeks, and will report on our findings.

Watch this space!


Austria’s national day on 26th  Oct.

Flag AustriaWhat is it all about and why?

The Austrian National Day is celebrated on October 26 and relates to political developments after WW II.

After the end of the War, Austria was occupied by the four Allied forces (Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, and France), who divided the country into four zones. The capital Vienna was also divided in four, with the historic central district being jointly administered by the “Allied Control Council”. Although the Austrian parliament was democratically elected, every legislative regulation or political action of the government at first required consent by the Allied Control Council and later on could still be vetoed by it.

As the last remaining foreign troops left Austrian territory on October 25th, October 26 was de facto the first day on which Austria had regained its status as an independent and sovereign state.

Thus, the Austrian Parliament chose this very special day to pass the constitutional law on permanent neutrality to highlight the fact that it represented a unilateral and independent decision. Informally however, Austria’s engagement to permanent neutrality was the motivation upon which the Soviet Union had agreed to the signing of the State Treaty and the withdrawal of her troops.

Every year, the Federal Government celebrates this day with a series of events in Vienna.

The citizens have the possibility of visiting the federal museums for free on that day. Various institutions also open their doors to the public (ie. the Federal Chancellery). Austrian Embassies around the world celebrate the Austrian National Day by hosting a number of different events for Austrian citizens.

Photo:  Photo

Have Austrian mortgages become extinct?



Is the Austria Property Market being affected by fall in Sterling value?

ChaletsThe fall in Sterling’s value, has affected the British buyer, but not the general property market.

Local Buyers and those from surrounding countries buy in Euros, as does the Irish buyer.

So, the effect on the Austria property market, minimal.  But what about the British buyer, is there anything they can do to negate the low exchange rate?

Many British buyers are opting for Off-Plan new build projects. With these it only requires a deposit and then the payments are staged over the period of the build, giving more time for Sterling to recover…link this with a small mortgage, as most new build projects have financing in place and you are on the winning side.

The other sensible option is to have a Sterling Account at the Austrian Bank. This works by depositing your funds in Sterling…they remain in Sterling and act as a guarantee for a Euro mortgage. (email us if you want more information)

The benefits of investing in the Austrian property market is that: it does not have the ‘Boom and Bust’ periods that other European nations have. This is down to the Capital gains taxes on resale profits.

Could the weather affect Austria property prices?


Spring skiing in Austrian resorts like St. Anton or Ischgl could become a thing of the past if a long-term trend discovered by Swiss researchers continues.

This could certainly affect the value of property in the alpine resorts. In a new study researchers found that Switzerland has nearly 40 fewer snow days a season than it did in the 1970s, even in high altitude resorts. Austrian resorts mirror this change.

The situation could have a serious impact on ski tourism in the Alps, with the higher resorts which typically offer Spring breaks also affected. This would have an effect on property prices, either dragging them lower or remaining static.

Austrian experts echo the Swiss findings, with the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) confirming that a higher average temperature rise has been recorded in the Austrian Alps compared to other regions around the world, and that this means that “in principle we can expect a shorter duration of snow cover in the Alps”.

Perhaps the answer for property investors is to look to the lakeside resorts that get high tourism figures in summer and Christmas markets in winter months?

Source: The local:

Photo: St. Anton ski resort. Photo: 24seven/Wikimedia



Amazing Adriatic arrives!

Croatia sea landscape2

Over the years we have had many requests from our clients about property on the Adriatic coast. Being only 2.5 hours drive from Austria to Croatia, many Austrians use this area for main holidays and weekend breaks…perhaps a little similar to Londoners visiting Devon!

Well, we have listened and working together with our Adriatic colleagues, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new property investment pages for the Adriatic coast.

Is it safe to invest there?  Yes.. the legal system is similar to Austria, where all properties are registered……there are of course older properties with ownership problems..mainly because families never registered a property correctly, but this is why you pay a lawyer!

Over the coming weeks we  will be adding many property choices ranging from small farmhouse to luxury villas driectly on the coast.  So, please make it a habit to visit us regularly.   Adriatic pages.



Property and land for sale in Austria. Check all our property and land for sale in Austria pages. There are properties for holiday use or investment in most sort after areas of Austria.

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Featured Property
Apartments€ 145,000 - 257,000

New Build Apartments, Mallnitz, Carinthia.

9822 Mallnitz

  • 61m² - 109m²m2Area
  • 1 - 3Beds
  • 1 - 2Baths
  • AA/Alpe267-278Ref:

Country House at Gundersheim, Carinthia. (Also available for up to 3 Months Rental)

Gundersheim, Austria

  • 171m2Area
  • 5Beds
  • 3Baths
  • AA/BWL/KarntenRef:
  • approx 900Total Plot



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