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News Update Austria


Austria Border security tightened after Munich massacre.

Police cars re munich

Austria has “significantly” tightened security measures along its border with Germany and put an elite police force on high alert following the Munich mall attack, a government security chief said Friday.


Germany and Austria share hundreds of kilometres of frontier, including along the state of German Bavaria, where the attack occurred.

“Police have significantly increased security measures so they are poised and fully ready to act,” public security chief Konrad Kogler told state broadcaster ORF, without elaborating.

He added that 42 elite so-called “Cobra” officers have been dispatched to Munich to assist police after the shooting rampage at a shopping centre in Munich.

“The entire Cobra team has been placed on high alert so that they are ready to jump into action,” Kogler said.

He added there were “no concrete indications” of an imminent threat in Austria and the current terror threat level has not been increased.

The country has been on raised alert since last January’s deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly offices in Paris.

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern expressed shock over what he called “harrowing, dramatic hours” after the Munich shootings.

“My biggest respect goes to the police and rescue workers, who are working to protect people in Munich,” he said in a Facebook post.

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Meanwhile, Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka cut short his holiday to return to Vienna after news of the attack in Bavaria broke.

“Austria has taken all the measures necessary in the situation. But it’s very difficult to protect yourself against these kinds of terrorists or criminals,” Sobotka said. “This could also happen here.”

Source: The local.

Majority of Austrians choose phone over friends

mobile phone use

Ever noticed a friend or partner reach for their phone while you’re speaking to them? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

In a recent survey of thousands of people in Austria by market research company Integral, 72% of respondents said they have neglected their conversation partner to respond to a message on their phone.

As one might expect, the phenomenon of ‘Phubbing’ – snubbing someone in favour of your phone – is more prevalent among the younger generations who have grown up with screens constantly around them.

Of those aged between 14 and 19-years-old, 92% admitted to messaging in social situations but even 80% of those aged 20-49-years-old said they have cut their conversation partner short to answer a message. For the over-70s, it drops to around 37%.

It is not unknown for ‘phubbing’ to cause relationship disputes and with men slightly more likely to ‘phub’ than women, they should take extra care not to neglect their girlfriend for their gadget.

Austrians are not alone in being ‘phubbed’. Research carried out in the United States and published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour found that nearly half of respondents to a similar survey there said they were ‘phubbed’ by their partner with 22.6% even saying it causes conflict in the relationship.

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A survey of 2000 parents carried out by parenting website MyFamilyClub in the UK also found that as many as 67% there admitted they are regularly ‘phubbed’ by their children.

With so many in Austria admitting to doing it, tolerance of phubbing is quite high and – although 44% said it impaired conversation – only 2% described it as pure impoliteness.


Source: The local.


Teachers face jail time for leading Children over railway tracks!

Train pic for Austria editorial

A group of adults who led over 80 Austrian schoolchildren over a closed railway crossing just seconds before a train came may face jail time for their dangerous actions.

Austrian prosecutors are now deciding what charges should be brought against the four teachers who accompanied the children on a school trip to Burg Kreuzenstein in Lower Austria on June 28th.

Seven other adults – some of whom are thought to be parents – who were part of the group accompanying the children may also face charges.

Witnesses told police that one of the adults climbed under the level crossing at Leobendorf station to reach a train back to Vienna from the other platform.

The rest of the group – including the 83 children between 10 and 12-years-old – reportedly followed the adult, reaching the other side just before a train passed through the station.

After a complaint was made to police, authorities tracked down the teachers and have now reported them to prosecutors for endangering public safety.

Prosecutors are now deciding what charges, if any, should be brought against the teachers. If they are charged and found guilty, they could face jail time of up to one year or a hefty fine.

Three of the teachers involved in the incident have been dismissed by the school and a fourth is facing disciplinary measures.

Some parents complained about the dismissals, arguing that it would damage the school children’s education.

Parent representative at the school Julia Köberl has said she believes it was an “individual incident of misconduct” and the teachers are otherwise “excellent, responsible teachers”.


Amazing Adriatic arrives!

Croatia sea landscape2

Over the years we have had many requests from our clients about property on the Adriatic coast. Being only 2.5 hours drive from Austria to Croatia, many Austrians use this area for main holidays and weekend breaks…perhaps a little similar to Londoners visiting Devon!

Well, we have listened and working together with our Adriatic colleagues, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new property investment pages for the Adriatic coast.

Is it safe to invest there?  Yes.. the legal system is similar to Austria, where all properties are registered……there are of course older properties with ownership problems..mainly because families never registered a property correctly, but this is why you pay a lawyer!

Over the coming weeks we  will be adding many property choices ranging from small farmhouse to luxury villas driectly on the coast.  So, please make it a habit to visit us regularly.   Adriatic pages.




Austrian driving laws are getting stricter!

driving and texting pic

Austria is introducing tighter restrictions for drivers, including a ban on mobile phone use and alcohol locks for people who have been previously caught drink driving.

The measures are the latest attempts to combat mobile phone use and repeated drink driving, which authorities in Austria have struggled to tackle in recent years.

A ban on mobile phones

Everyday drivers send 200,000 texts and make 900,000 phone calls in Austria while they are driving.

Distracted driving caused 38 percent of car accidents in 2014, leading to 111 deaths, according to derStandard.

Stricter laws for mobile phone use while driving are coming into effect starting immediately. The new amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act makes using your phone to surf the web and writing and reading text messages while driving illegal and punishable with a fine of €50.

“Distraction is one of the main cases of car accidents on our roads. We want to counteract this trend with the stricter mobile phone ban,” Transport Minister Jörg Leichtfried told der Standard newspaper.

The Ministry have said, however, that drivers are still allowed to make phone calls on speakerphone and use their phone as a navigation system, as long as the phone is safely attached to the inside of their vehicle.

Alcohol locks planned for 2017

Along with this amendment to the driving laws, the government also hopes to soon introduce alcohol locks to prevent drink drivers from repeatedly offending.

Approximately 26,000 motorists lose their licence every year in Austria due to drinking driving, 7,000 continue to drive without a licence and 4,000 continue to drive while over the limit, according to a 2015 report from the Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV).

This led to calls for alcohol breathalyser immobilisers for drivers who are caught drink driving. This is going to become a reality for Austrian drivers in 2017.

The law amendment necessary to introduce these ‘Alco-locks’ will be evaluated before the summer and the plan is to have the first locks in use by 2017, according to the APA.

Most drink driving offenses take place during the month of August!

Instead of piloting Alco-locks on a test group first, drivers who are caught drink driving will be given the choice between the locks and getting their licence revoked.  However if they choose the Alco-locks, their probation period will be twice the length.

Whether many people will choose to have Alco-locks remains to be seen, especially as the drivers will be expected to pay for the equipment. This could cost up to €3,000 euros for one year of driving with the Alco-lock.

Although Transport Minister Leichtfried added: “The appeal of being able to continue driving is relatively strong.”

Source the Local: Written by: Helena Uhl

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